For Finns, the sauna has always been a "holy place". Place where you can heal your soul and body. In 19th century, sauna was the only place, ehere w where the hygiene was priority. It was used even for Obstetrics.

Positive Effects of saunas

  • reduces the tension and stress,
  • soothes injuries, rheumatism and arthritis and muscle injuries
  • prevents and alleviates flu and colds,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • cleans the skin and removes impurities,
  • helps to eliminate unwanted pounds, weight loss

Finnish Sauna is a traditional way of sweating (Sauna = fin. "Place of wood '). In this so-called "area of wood", dominated by a temperature of 85-100 ° C with 15-30 percent humidity. It acts favorably on the entire body. Natural essential oils in water, which poured on the stones, cleanthe respiratory tract and stimulates breathing.

Turkish Sauna is wet sauna, and is recommended for respiratory problems. The air temperature in the sauna is between 40 and 50 º C, humidity is around 100 percent